• I recommend primarily chukar then pheasant for beginning shooters.
  • Shot #6 shot for these bigger birds. #7.5 for quail.
  • You can shoot unplugged guns and I recommend them for quail hunting.
  • Our dogs are the hunters, you have the privilege of shooting the birds they find.
  • We do not hunt in the rain but Mike makes the final decision on cancelations.
  • Cancelation fees of 50% will be charged for hunts that can't be replaced with other hunting parties.

Thing to Bring:

  • Shooting glasses required.
  • You may bring your own dog to enjoy on your hunt - ask Mike for details.
  • Please bring your shotgun, ammo and shell bag or vest.
  • An article of brightly colored clothing or hunters orange.
  • Ice chest with your lunch and drinks and large enough to hold the processed birds.
  • Alcohol may be enjoyed after the hunting is finished.
  • A camera or photographer. We allow spectators.
  • Footwear that is thorn proof and waterproof.