"Hunting the way it used to be when I was a kid." -Mike Schumann QuailHuntDimeBox.com provides a top rate hunting experience at the old Dismukes Ranch. We have 900 acres of blackland prairie covered with native grass and short brush, post oak savannah with improved pasture, lightly wooded uplands and heavily wooded bottomlands, an ideal match for upland birds like quail, pheasant and chukars.

We can reliably provide you with a successful and memorable hunting experience. All hunts are set up to provide you with as close to an actual wilderness no-frills hunting experience as possible.

" Mike was fantastic!!! Amiable, extremely knowledgeable, easy going yet energetic. He made a great day into something memorable and beyond extraodinary. He runs a first class operation. Keen on safety, let us go at our own pace, with incredible dogs. And a real treat was lunch listening to his great stories and extensive expertise in all things outdoors and agricultural. He made it seem like a passion and vacation, not like its his job. The kind of guy you not just want to hunt with, but get to know. Thanks Mike for making such great memories with my son. Truly priceless." - Rush S.